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Brooch School Board with Owl
Brooch "Gears" gold plated
Brooch "Womb " gold plated
Brooch "Phonendoscope MED"
Brooch "ECG Phonendoscope"
Brooch "Hand with a syringe №2"
Ring "Heart with vessels" 14K
Brooch "Womb  №3" 14K
Charm "Laryngoscope" gold plated
Earrings "Bacteriophage" gold plated
Earrings "Beta-endorphin"
Ring "Brain"

Ring "Brain"



Ring "DNA" gold plated
Pendant "Coronavirus" 14K
Pendant "Laryngoscope"
Brooch  "Anatomical liver" gold plated
Brooch "# I treat № 2" 14K
Earrings "Caduceus № 10"
Pendant "Anatomical heart sectional № 2" gold plated
Brooch "# I teach"

Brooch "# I teach"



Pendant "Around the World - Eastern Hemisphere"
Charm "Coronavirus" on lobster clasp with local gold plating
Earrings "Syringe"

Earrings "Syringe"



Brooch "Hand with a syringe №2" 14K
Pendant "Myeloperoxidase mini № 2"
Mono-earring "Caduceus № 9" gold plated
Pendant "MRI № 2"
Pendant "Anatomical heart"
Pendant "Anatomical heart sectional № 2"
Necklace "Embryo"

Necklace "Embryo"



Earrings "Feather № 2" gold plated
Pendant "Bone marrow"
Pendant "H2O" gold plated
Earrings "Thorax" gold plated
Earrings "ECG № 2"
Ring "ECG small" gold plated
Ring "DNA"

Ring "DNA"



Ring "Slavic motives" gold plated
Earrings "Spine" gold plated
Brooch "Ball of wool and knitting needles"
Ring "Feather"

Ring "Feather"



Ring "Serotonin" 14K
Pendant "Orthopedic tree"
Lariat "Phonendoscope + Caduceus"
Pendant "Tooth with 3 roots"
Pin "Phonendoscope № 1"
Brooch "Microscope № 2"
Necklace "ECG № 2" gold plated
Brooch "Mr. Doc №2" 14K with individual engraving
Earrings "Maple Leaf"
Ring "ECG small" 14K
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